“The body is what we perceive existence through. The temple of the body perceives the rest of creation.
Our whole existence is about perception.”

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Program Member Office Hours Calendar

All Program Members and class holders have access to office hours. Twice a month I will have zoom open for an hour for drop-in questions, guidance, and support. This is not a private meeting; anyone in the program is welcome to drop in and listen, to participate, and to leverage their own healing and understanding of EFT tapping or any of the resources available.

This is also a great time to get support around setup statements, how to uncover deeper aspects of an issue, or to request classes or videos that may be supportive for you and the larger community. Access the calendar hours here. Please make sure the calendar is set to your time zone. Default is Central Time.

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Learning To Find Love

The Learning to Find Love class may be added for free for premium members (those members on the 4 or 8 month program with Dawn.) Please talk to her to find out full details.

Tapping Scripts

Welcome! Here you can find EZ Tapping; a group of generalized tapping scripts that focus on a variety of concerns including:

Reducing Anxious Feelings
Not feeling worthy/deserving/good enough
Say Goodbye to your Chronic Pain
I’m Upset and Don’t Know What to Tap On
Stage fright
Cravings/ Holiday Eating
Quitting Smoking
Releasing Unhealthy Weight
Saying Yes to Prosperity
Finding your Authentic Self

These scripts are VERY GENERAL. They are meant to help give you a place to start to find your own specific events, beliefs, or stuck spaces. Yes, you can get a lot of benefit just following these scripts. However, if your numbers are not moving, if you are getting emotionally overwhelmed, or if they expose a traumatic event, STOP and bring the situation to your next session. Remember, the more specific you are while tapping, and the more the words resonate with you as an individual, the more movement and change is possible.

Please note: I pay for this subscription for everyone, so you may have to re-enter some of your information.

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If you need a code to enter the site, please use DBeztapping3M