First, Dawn’s core values include love, playfulness, healing, connection, curiosity, and empathy. If you resonate with those, we are off to a great start. 

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The Expected Life:

It’s been a journey!  Personally, I didn’t know what I wanted from life.  I was told to go to college, get a good job, and find a relationship.  So, because that’s what was expected of me and modeled for me, that’s the road I started on. After being a “well-rounded” good student in high-school, I left for college, unsure, compliant, and determined to figure it out.

Dawn Bennett on a mountain with a carrot

And Then…

Divine intervention. A random encounter at a Tai-Chi class led me to “drop out of college” to attend massage school in Salt Lake City, Utah.  From there, I was immediately hired to do deep tissue and injury massage at a chiropractic office in Minnesota. Helping people through their physical pain after car accidents was great, but I realized it wasn’t enough for the people on my table. I felt my soul purpose was to help individuals in a deeper and longer-lasting way. 

Emotional pain and distress prevented many individuals from having full physical healing. Obsessed with this realization, I started studying and reading about the body/mind connection;  trauma and unreleased stressors are stored in the body and nervous system and can create dis-ease and/or prevent healing.  I took training in (and became certified in + a certified presenter of) CranioSacral Therapy; a subtle type of bodywork that also works closely with emotion stored in the body.

Dawn doing Craniosacral Therapy

Healing From Trauma

I went to see my chiropractor/ energy medicine practitioner for emotional distress and nightmares after leaving an emotionally abusive relationship.  The homeopathic remedy he recommended restored my peace and calm and I started sleeping again.  Deciding this was my next divinely-aligned path, I enrolled in the Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy the next week and spent the next four years (while still doing massage, teaching massage therapy, and running an award-winning wellness center) going to school to become a Certified Classical Homeopath. 

Dawn graduating from homeopathy school
Quick Kiss from My Instructor Graduation Night

Finding Freedom for Myself and Others

I love natural medicine and bodywork, and find it invaluable for healing. I believe in “healer, heal thyself,” so I hire all kinds of health practitioners from medical to the esoteric (some would call it woo-woo.)

Even with all that (and much more) training, I felt my clients weren’t being empowered to help themselves.  Then, I found Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping).  

Well-why not be certified in that as well? After over 50 case studies, Tapping out of Trauma courses, and a year of mentorship, I am an Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner. Just to be thorough, I also became a certified EFT Relationship and Intimacy Coach. Finally, I am a Board-Designated Hypnotherapist and trainer, a Master NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) Results Coach, and am Certified in Timeline Therapy.

Dawn Doing craniosacral for emotional healing

The Touch Crisis + Relationships

“You should write a book on touch!”  Those words were spoken over and over to me after I spoke at groups around the United States.  You see, both the science and the soul of relationships, connection, and healthy touch feed my soul.  I strongly believe people are motivated by a need to belong, to be loved, and to feel connected. Healthy, consensual touch is one piece of that human need. I went to Europe and wrote The Touch Crisis: Navigating the Tricky Terrain of Bringing Healthy Touch Back to Our Culture.

The Touch Crisis Book

I learned so much while (whilst for all my UK friends) on the road and created so many powerful relationships, I decided to continue.

Furthering Relationships on the Road

Dawn Bennett and her cat Valentine

I am at my personal best and thus the best for you when I am on the road, even though I miss my Kitty Valentine A LOT.  For two years I drove an old Yukon around the country, camped and did one-on-one sessions from my vehicle. It was a super fun time and taught me a lot about American cultures. 

When I look at everyone’s actions with curiosity and think, how is this helping you survive and/ or belong, I am able to see not only the hurt, but the deep beauty of their soul, waiting to shine outward. 

If you choose to work with me, this is what you get.  Pure love, playfulness, compassion, empathy, and a dedication to help you reach whatever goal you want. 

Dawn Bennett working on a log in the woods

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Just My Bio: 

Dawn Bennett, LMT, NCTMB, CST, NCTMB, MNLP, MTLT, CHt, Certified Hypnotherapist and Trainer, Master NLP Results Coach & NLP Trainer, Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner, Relationship & Intimacy Coach, and Bodyworker has been working actively with massage and bodywork clients since 1997, homeopathic clients since 2007, and EFT clients since 2018.  She is a member of a variety of professional organizations in each area that ensure she is compliant with current professional standards of ethics, continuing education, and client care. She has a variety of trauma training to ensure she is as trauma-informed as possible for those she works with.

Training & Skills

Dawn has been a Nationally Certified massage therapist since graduating from the Utah College of Massage Therapy in December of 1997. She does a variety of massage and bodywork including deep tissue, visceral manipulation (abdominal massage), and sports massage. Dawn has taken Visceral Manipulation through the Barral Institute, CranioSacral, and SomatoEmotional Release classes through the Upledger Institute. She completed the first two levels of Healing Touch training and the first level of Reiki. In 2015 she also became a PSYCH-K Facilitator. She is also a Certified Presenter through the Upledger Institute. 2019 graduated with a degree in Classical Homeopathy from the Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy in Minnesota. She is an Accredited EFT Practitioner through EFT International and specializes in relationships, including an EFT Relationship & Intimacy Coaching Certification.  Dawn is the best-selling author of The Touch Crisis and What Happened to My Friendships.

In addition, Dawn worked for over ten years as an instructor teaching massage + alternative and complementary medicine courses at Minnesota State College, Southeast Technical in Red Wing. Dawn completed her bachelor’s degree in Business and Complementary Medicine in 2009 from Metro State University in Minneapolis in. Furthermore, she graduated from the Northwestern Academy of Classical Homeopathy in 2009. 

Dawn utilizes her wide variety of tools to help people of all ages who suffer from a variety of physical and emotional discomforts. Finally, she travels throughout the United States speaking about complementary medicine and empowering people with options for their own health and healing.

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