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Relationships are HARD Right Now, and They Don’t Have to Be!  

That’s right. They don’t have to be!  Did you know that most of what irritates you, frustrates you, or creates loneliness, separation, or a feeling of “is this all there is?” often comes from a past emotional experience or belief system?  By working together, we can find the source of your relationship struggles and work through them.  

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You can have better, stronger, and more fulfilling relationships.  You can feel joy, love, connection, and belonging – even when your past history has taught you that is not possible and/or is unsafe. 

Whether you choose to work with your current personal relationship/ marriage/ partnership, a friendship gone awry, or a family member that pushes all of your buttons, you will notice that focusing on one area of your relationship struggles will create subtle and positive shifts in all of them. 

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Or- if you are ready to go deeper,  

  • You get to share what isn’t working in your life; what is unsatisfying and unfulfilling
  • Imagine and explore what you are searching for- what your heart really desires and how it will feel when you get there
  • What you’ve tried that has worked and that hasn’t worked 
  • Get to have a real conversation at whatever level of vulnerability you choose
  • I will help you resource strength, opportunities, and tools to help (because your time is valuable-and you should benefit from this time together!) 

Yes, I’m ready to take this step for myself, and I only want to connect for 30 minutes.

Discover Playfulness and Joy (In and Out of Relationships)

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It’s SO easy to get caught up in life; to create business, to put others before ourselves, and to become overwhelmed and burned-out. Bored and apathetic. Longing for something different.  Feeling stagnant, stuck, or alone.  

Have you ever listened to a child’s laughter?  The sparkle and vibrancy that emanates from their pure and simple joy? Have you ever laughed freely?

Do you Want that?  Do you Believe that is possible for you, especially in a relationship?

It is possible.  I truly believe you can feel love, happiness, connection, and belonging DAILY.   Imagine that.  Just take a moment for yourself to imagine feeling happy right now. Allow yourself to smile, to feel your body lighten, to experience even a brief respite from daily stress.  

Is that challenging?  Does it bring up other emotions instead? 

Let’s Find Time to Talk for 30 minutes

You don’t have to act like a 3-year-old to find playfulness.  You don’t have to change jobs, relationships, or your living situation.  (Although let’s be totally honest- sometimes that DOES help- but it’s rarely the first step anyone needs to take.)

First, let’s work on helping you find gratitude, peace, joy, connection, and love in your everyday experience.  As you start noticing and embracing the simple pleasures of each moment; as you clear the emotional turmoil, heartbreak, loneliness or pain; as you release the pressures of society, friends, and family you will naturally find more freedom, more happiness, and more joy in your life.  

Ready to explore how playfulness and joy can be part of your daily life and relationship?

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Increase Intimacy

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What does Intimacy mean to you?

There are many types of intimacy including:

  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Intellectual
  • Creative
  • Physical

Intimacy can be the way that you touch someone you care about.  It can refer to the level of vulnerability you allow in a conversation.  

Intimacy includes how you connect, how you feel belonging, how you share and how you grow. Envision simple nuances such as how you interpret or receive someone’s tone of voice.  It can include how you know what you want, need, and desire and your ability to communicate.  

Would you like to chat for 30 minutes via phone or zoom? 

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To increase intimacy of any kind in any relationship, we also get to look at aspects that influence it such as:

  • Does it/do I feel safe?
  • Do I feel heard?
  • What do I want?
  • What do I need?
  • How can I clearly communicate? (Think everything from The Five Love Languages to how you use and interpret words, tone, energy, and intention)
  • How can I listen to/ hear/ receive what others are trying to communicate with me?
  • Can I / do I create safety for the other?
  • Am I able to say both ‘no’ and ‘yes’ 

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