From Root To Rise;
From Pandemic Fear to Flourishing

Our communities, from the way we communicate and interact to the way we talk and touch have completely changed in the last two years. Many people are feeling isolated and alone; fearful and frustrated; divided, judged, or separate. Conversations about vaccinations, masks, and health concerns (policy) have turned relationships into debates, division, and struggle. This two-day gathering and healing workshop will empower you to begin the process of healing yourself, your relationships, and your community.

By the end of the workshop you will:

  • Restore your reserves drained by the stresses of the last two years
  • Learn tools to neutralize emotional triggers and find calm and compassion.
  • Discover ways to safely release your wounds
  • Release fear and judgements of self and others
  • Find a place of community and support

Join us March 12th and 13th at a beautiful retreat home just south of Prior Lake.

Contact Kelly Thompson at 952-393-9279

Dawn Bennett at 651-246-1209

Sign up by January 28: $225 for one person, $397 for 2
Early Bird Bonus: online Emotional Freedom Techniques breakthrough session with Dawn + a fascial release session with Kelly (total value $325)

Sign up by February 14th: $270 for one person or $470 for 2
Bonus: Choose a 1 hour EFT breakthrough session with Dawn OR a fascial release treatment with Kelly.

Touch and Tapping Classes via Eventbrite

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