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Payment is required before appointment for all services.**

Health & Healing Strategy Session

($0/20-30 minutes)

Life can be stressful at times physically, mentally, and emotionally.   During this session we talk briefly about what you are looking to achieve, and see if the services I offer are a good fit for you.  If so, we set a few targets/goals to measure your healing progress and to make sure we stay on track.

I have over 20 years of experience working in the healing profession, and use tools and a combination of services such as homeopathy, Bach flower essences, Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT (tapping), and subconscious belief work such as PSYCH-K® to help you get unstuck and reclaim health and happiness. In this session we will talk in-depth about what your concerns are, and explore what tools, services, and resources will be beneficial for you to help you move forward in life!

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Relationship & Intimacy Coaching

The challenge I see for individuals in relationships is twofold. First, we are not taught to prioritize ourselves or our significant other after the initial dating stages. Or, if we were, we battle the balance between our relationship and other obligations. We often ignore our own needs and don’t participate in self-care, which also has a negative impact on not only our relationship, but our partner, our health, and thus our happiness. Second, we are not taught to observe what gives us pleasure, what our wants and needs are in a relationship, and how to clearly communicate in an open and loving way with those we care for. We are often left dissatisfied, overworked, unhealthy, and disconnected. I can help you transform that so you can have the joy, connection, and intimacy you desire-even if you don’t know that’s what you want yet!

Intimacy means more than sex. Intimacy has other facets such as emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. It means being present in our bodies. It means feeling connection even when no words are being spoken, no touch being exchanged. Intimacy isn’t only for your partner-style relationships. You can create emotional intimacy with friends, family, and community. As mammals, we all want to belong, to feel connected, to have value and meaning.

Why am I different than other coaches? We don’t just focus on the “now.” Together, we set the goals that YOU want to achieve in your personal relationships with family, friends, and/or significant others. I help you clear emotions so you can experience joy. I’m trauma-informed and can help you neutralize situations that impact your confidence, your communication, your relationship with your body, your potential for joy. We clear the past, we celebrate the now, and we move towards a better future together.

If you’d like a deeper conversation and some tools, schedule a discovery session here.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (also known as EFT or Tapping)

Before Scheduling your first appointment with Dawn, please schedule a health and healing strategy session.

Hear Dawn’s passion for EFT and how it helps others:

Are you experiencing high levels of emotional stress?  When you think about a situation from the past, do you feel anger, grief, or sadness?  Are you concerned about the future and find your mind wandering to the “what ifs”?  If so, this technique is for you. 

What is EFT Tapping?

EFT Tapping Services via zoom

Emotional Freedom Techniques (a.k.a. tapping) is a group of techniques scientifically-proven to help neutralize emotions and decrease stress hormones in the body by tapping on specific acupressure points while focusing on your personal situations. It creates a sense of calm so you can approach situations with clarity, confidence, and personal choice.  Once you learn this tool, you can also do your own work in everyday situations if you choose, empowering yourself to move through turmoil and emotional upheaval and embrace happiness and grounded presence. 

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Schedule Your 50-60 minute EFT Session

3 and 6 Month Programs Available.

These sessions are non-transferrable and must be used on schedule. All normal cancellation and no-show policies apply.

Click here to read an overview of the science behind Emotional Freedom Techniques and Energy Medicine.


Massage & Bodywork Services

Please note: My in-office schedules often change due to my schedule. If you are having a challenge finding an appointment time that fits, please call Dawn at 651-401-6131

Schedule your CranioSacral and other bodywork appointments at 316 Bush Street, Red Wing MN

60-Minute Red Wing

90-Minute Red Wing

Schedule your CranioSacral and other bodywork appointments at Hope Clinic, 4900 Highway 169 North, Suite 301, New Hope, MN 55428

60-Minute Hope Clinic

90-Minute Hope Clinic

Deep Tissue Massage

($175/60 minutes, $215/90 minutes)

CranioSacral Therapy 

($150/60 minutes, $195/90 minutes)

Craniosacral Massage Services

This light yet powerful work helps release restrictions in the soft tissues of the brain and spinal cord, as well as the related tissues. It also works with emotions and memories patterned into the body and nervous system, and helps them gently release.

I often use tools such as dialoguing work to help you access the deeper knowledge of the body so you can find clarity and heal.  I was trained through the Upledger Institute, and have found this work to help people recover from a variety of discomforts, including muscular restrictions, feelings of being “stuck” or “tight” in the body, as well as emotional stress. There are currently studies being done on the effectiveness of helping recovery from a variety of injuries. 

For an explanation of CranioSacral directly from the founder, click HERE .  This site also has articles on research on CST.

Visceral Manipulation Services
Massage that releases organs and scar tissue

($150/60 minutes, $195/90 minutes)

The quality of your organ movement influences how the rest of your body moves and feels.
Visceral Massage Services

Organs can get stuck together and restricted the same way that muscles can get knotted up and tight!  I begin the session by listening closely to where the body is wrapping itself around physical or emotional restrictions in the abdomen and pelvis.  I then use a series of gentle techniques to release the stuck areas and help return the organs to balance and function. Often people experience relief of symptoms that they thought were related to muscles, their back, or an undiagnosed disease.

This gentle yet powerful hands-on service involves working with the client’s body in many different positions, including seated, sidelying, and face-up on the massage table.  I strongly recommend wearing comfortable shorts or pants that can be pulled down to the pubic bone. Women, please wear a sports bra or something similar.

HERE you can find an overview on visceral work, as well as the Ricky Williams Concussion Program, and how they are measuring physical and emotional changes in formerly concussed athletes using a combination of  CST & Visceral on sports athletes.

Multi-Modal Bodywork Services

($150/60 minutes, $195/90 minutes)

This type of “massage” uses the most intuition and follows your body’s internal signals the most closely.  It combines all of my knowledge, training, and skills I have been gaining since my first alternative medicine class in 1995.  We allow the body to guide the session. 

Not all massage is the same

If you are not attaining the progress you seek from traditional massage therapy, there may be more at work than you realize. Firstly, emotions and cellular memory can create restrictions in your body. Secondly, emotions and cell memory can create discomfort in your organs and muscle tissues. Thirdly, emotions are stored in the body tissues.

The work I do on the massage table goes far beyond traditional Swedish massage. I listen from the top of your head to feel where the body is holding onto stress in gravity. Next, I apply a combination of massage techniques designed to release adhesions, restrictions, or points of stress throughout your body.

I use a variety of techniques, allowing me to be very flexible with pressure while adapting to your requests, which allows me to customize each session specifically.  Often the most powerful sessions for clients are usually ones in which we let the body determine what kind of work it needs that day.

I Help People Increase Intimacy

My passion is to help individuals deepen levels of connection and trust in personal and social relationships with consensual touch and to find more intimacy in their personal lives through emotional healing.

Emotional Struggles Can Resolve

If you are struggling emotionally from situations such as work drama, financial fears, cravings, phobias, personal or professional relationships, your own self-confidence and worth, or intimacy issues—I can help. Schedule your free Health & Healing Strategy Session to learn how.

Find Your Soulmate

I am taking advanced EFT tapping training to help you find your soulmate. It is possible. I know an 82-year old who found hers with this work. First, we work with healing your emotions in past relationships. Second, I help you identify your key characteristics for a soulmate. Third, we work with the part of the ego that says it is not possible. Schedule your free Health & Healing Strategy Session to learn how.