You deserve to feel love, joy, and connection.
My soul’s mission is to be a safe and strong guide on your journey to that
destination no matter how bumpy and muddy and dark the path seems to be.

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Leave the Nice Lady Alone!
“We get to stay in a hotel tonight”  A young girl, maybe around 5 or 6, announced to me excitedly, her small suitcase and bear in hand as her parents unloaded the car in the parking lot of the Marriott where I was also staying. …
Is Chocolate or Compassion the Mission?
I thought I was going to the store to buy chocolate.  Instead, my mission was to help another person. Divinely Inspired Have you ever had a moment where you realized something higher was guiding you?  Maybe you called it coincidence, or “right place, right time.”  …
Ousted from Community
Have you ever been pushed out of or separated from a group that you really felt part of?  Maybe you have experienced this in sports, in school, in religious community, in friendships, in your neighborhood, or over this pandemic.  I’ve worked with people who have …
Have a Nice Vacation!
I found myself triggered by the words as my friend walked out the door.  Vacation! Does everyone think I just go on vacation all the time? Don’t they know how much I’m working to build a new practice and write a book? Pesky Triggers! Strong …

True healing is the willingness to treat yourself and others better than the past ever did.
– Matt Kahn

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