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When to End it, When to Stay is about asking the toughest of questions. It’s probably the question that you are already thinking about all the time anyway.

Are you in a relationship that’s causing you more pain than joy? Are you asking yourself when to end it already? You know that you love or at least loved your partner/husband/wife but you are now drowning in a sea of never-ending problems.

Are you living a life of frustration, exhaustion and hopelessness, interrupted on rare occasions by moments of connection that offer you a fleeting sense of hope that maybe we can make this work? Do you avoid honest conversations with your family or friends so that they don’t have the chance to ask you how your relationship is going?

When to End it When to Stay is your course of action when you know that you just can’t take it any more.

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Is It Over? Class 1

PDF of Tapping Points


Bonus: EFT For Family Stress Class 1

Due to technical issues, I have not been able to post a second “Is It Over” class from 2022 with the tapping instructions. Therefore, I am adding this class as a bonus for you. This class teaches EFT Tapping, and also will introduce you to other things that may be impacting you in larger family dynamics. Enjoy!

Is It Over? Class 2

This and the rest of the classes are from the 2021 version. I am currently in process of upgrading and improving all of these classes. The content is the same, but I am improving the presentation overall to make it more clear, as well as improving slides. So don’t fret if suddenly the class you were watching disappears and is replaced. Please contact me with questions or concerns. 651-401-6131. Dawn

In this class we start looking at the story of Amy and William. Take note of how their childhood experiences led to the creation of patterns and belief systems that now carry into their own marriage and life.

Is It Over? Class 3

Why don’t people leave bad relationships? What do they do to avoid divorce or heartbreak? Why do people stay in unhealthy relationships? How do things like feelings of guilt, failure, and children prevent you from making a choice to leave? Why do people fear staying in relationships and working on them?

We continue to explore the main reasons reasons why people stay in marriage or stay in their relationships versus get divorced or leave a relationship.

Is It Over? Class 4

In Class 4 we discuss limiting beliefs and the generalization effect. How we look for situations and events that confirm our beliefs.

Is It Over? Class 5

In this final class, we look at the core beliefs developed and learned from a young age and how that impacts our choices and our partners.

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