Path To Passion Class (Finding Intimacy)

Do You Want More Passion and Drive? Create joy, greater sensual and sexual expression, and a mutually loving bond with your partner.

This Seven Week Course will guide you to connection, playfulness, and intimacy with yourself and partner. Don’t have a partner currently? That’s okay! You can still work through this class to help prepare you for connection when you are ready. (And who knows-maybe it will help you clear something old that is preventing you from having your ideal partnership!)

Maybe you’ve never really been comfortable with sex and physical intimacy. Perhaps there’s been a life change and your desire for sex and physical contact isn’t what it used to be.

Create joy, greater sensual and sexual expression, and a mutually loving bond with your partner as we navigate healing sexual challenges so you feel greater connection in your relationship.

Every week we will explore and use tools such as EFT Tapping to help heal and clear stigma and emotions around sex and sexuality. You will receive weekly “home play” as well as audio and video recordings of the class so you can explore and releasing barriers to a powerful sex life such as: societal and religious training, body image challenges, and navigating time in our fast-paced lifestyle.

All files used with written permission from them as copyright holders. All rights reserved by them. These are not to be recorded, duplicated, or shared in any manner beyond use with Dawn as part of the program with her.

Class 1- Sex and Intimacy: Getting to the Root of the Problem

Class 1 Audio (Alina & Craig’s version)

Class 1 Homework:


Class 2- Mirror Over the Bed: Healing your Body Self-image

Class 2 Audio (Alina & Craig’s version)

Class 2 Homework


Class 3- The Doctor in the Bed: Emotions and hormones

Class 3 Audio

Class 3 Homework


Class 4: The Priest in the Bed: Authority Figures, Values, and Morality

Class 4 Audio (Alina & Craig’s version)

Class 4 Homework


Class 5-The Wired Bed- Technology and Stress

Class 5 Audio (Alina & Craig’s version)


Class 6- Who is in Your Bed Now? Tips for Keeping the Heat Up

Class 6 Audio (Alina & Craig’s version)


Class 7- Monsters Under the Bed

Class 7 Audio (Alina & Craig’s version)