Class Overview: Cravings, compulsions, and overeating can come from many sources. Some of us eat for protection and safety. Some of us eat or drink certain things because they remind us of loved ones or happy times in our lives.

Sometimes we eat because we are bored, scared, avoiding something else, or because we were taught not to let food go to waste. In this 4-week class, you will explore the emotions that prevent you from being able to make choices around your eating and drinking habits (or technology and other compulsions.) You will explore the emotions that your beloved foods contain or replace.

You will learn how to use Emotional Freedom Techniques aka EFT Tapping when you find yourself craving sugar, chocolate, alcohol, or whatever vice you have. We will also explore how to regain a sense of well-being in our own bodies. After all, stress can impact our hormonal systems and create a sense of need for foods and drinks that make us feel better. Our brains can trick us into thinking we need to eat more to be satiated, to be safe, or to feel love. All of this can be shifted using EFT tapping.

Class 1

In the first class we explore working with one particular food to reduce cravings. Make sure you have an item (food, drink, technology, etc) you crave or are compulsive about.

Your Homework for next week: –Tap using the craving procedure on your own item daily for at least three days –Start tapping every time you think of or encounter the item, using either technique –Notice beliefs, fears, emotions, memories, etc. that come up around your craving + write them down for later –If you do indulge, allow yourself to have self-acceptance and really sink into the experience.

PDF of Tapping Points


Class 2

In the second class we address our internal authority figure, who affects our ability to stick with the healthier choices we want for ourselves. The part of ourselves that says “you can’t make me!”

We also discuss the question: What if I don’t want my craving to go away because I love it so much? We start with a 20-minute presentation from Beth Schupanitz from Inspiring Health Solutions who gives additional options to break sugar cravings. Beth Schupanitz is a Registered Nutrition Consultant and Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner specializing in lifelong weight loss, balanced eating to control blood sugars, through customized meal planning, supplementation, exercise protocols and stress management.

Class 2 Handout

Class 3

In this class we explore the key blockers to weight loss. What are the beliefs, ideas, or circumstances that may be preventing you from changing your habits?

Class 4

We will review our first three weeks, answer questions, and get even deeper in to the knowledge you have already gained about Cravings and EFT tapping.