Running Out of Steam — 5 Comments

  1. That is so interesting how the feeling of inequality can seep into other aspects of our relationship when we don’t take care of expressing our needs on what we need or don’t need in regards to touch. Great food for thought!

  2. Although relationships are not always equal, it is interesting how the balance can become thrown for so long that it creates a divide or a disconnection. The lack of communication in one area also seeps into other areas, until partners start talking to others instead of each other about their feelings and needs. I think it’s a great practice to make sure that anything I say about my partner to a friend, I have talked about with my partner first.

  3. You are so very insightful, looking at this relationship and seeing where things began to change…..whether about touch or communication or something else, we can learn so much by re-examing and seeing where things went out of balance. So good.

  4. I can totally resonate with that old over-giving story. I used to do that to “help” and “get along” and over time figuired out it left me depleted.

    I appreciate the clarity you received after looking at your relationship — and for sharing it woth is.

  5. It’s amazing the influence non-verbal language has in relationships. For me, the actions, or non-actions, can be much more powerful than what’s being said. BUT, without communication, any negative feelings created by body language can’t be resolved. Your passage is a great reminder how important it is to be intentional with communication – thank you.

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