What Do We Lose When We Don’t Touch — 4 Comments

  1. Yeah, I’ve been hearing many stories similar to yours with the guy you encountered on your run.

    What concerns me is that this might be the new ‘norm’. I’ve heard several different people tell me that they want to permanently carry around a stick or something to visibly measure the 6’ distance.

    A world with almost no touch sounds sad.

  2. It does! I hope we start tuning in to our needs and wants around touch, so as we can be closer again, we can make intentional and healthy touch decisions for ourselves and include it in a way that feels empowering and compassionate for all parties involved!

  3. I’m hearing just the opposite. I know of several texts, personal conversations, and Facebook posts where people have been asked what they miss the most and it has been touch. Hugs, handshakes, a pat on the back, and more. Without touch it will be a sad and lonely world!

  4. Some great thoughts:) I am so glad you are THERE, with your lovely smile, and so much knowledge about touch and how it affects us all, especially now. I have lived without human touch for many years, and it has helped to have friends, a meditation practice, and a strong sense of divine presence around me. But right now it sure seems like complete solitary confinement! Whatever ways we can support each other, eat healthy, spend time outdoors, it is all so needed.