Come On Now, Communicate With Your Community! — 12 Comments

  1. I’ve been wanting to write something similar to this post for a while now. I think social media makes a two-way conversation nearly impossible, and I think it’s a big reason why communication has broken down. I agree that everyone DOES have a right to their opinion, but I don’t think social media (and social media users) allows everyone’s opinion to be heard and respected. Although I’m sad to hear that this occurs outside of the U.S., I’m grateful to you for validating what I’ve been feeling. Here’s to healing our communities and relationships, one conversation at a time.

  2. Your communication of this very important message was quite captivating.
    Dawn, I am really excited to read your book once it’s finished.

  3. Thank you! I’ll keep everyone updated on the blog of the progression and when it is ready. 😀

  4. Feel free to share, but I think it would be powerful for you to write one as well. Hearing similar messages in different ways from different people is very powerful.

  5. What a powerful perspective. It frustrates me to hear the name calling and bashing that happens online. It is PEOPLE who make choices. I love that. Thanks for the reminder to take a breath and work out our disagreements in a civilized manner.

  6. Thank you for writing about this topic. I have also been saddened by the unkindness on social media. I have pulled back from social media for this reason. A great reminder to focus on healing our communities and respectfully disagree.

  7. What an important reminder, Dawn. Thank you. I’ve learned over the years that if I pause instead of reacting immediately, I have a choice about how I choose to respond. It is a choice, I can react or I can respond after pausing and looking at my options.

  8. Yes yes yes!! I absolutely LOVED this line: “We need to be able to disagree, to have respectful conflict, to speak our minds, to share what is disturbing us and why. However, it can be done in a curious, educational, and amicable way.”

    I’ve been thinking and feeling this way a lot since the 2016 elections in the US, maybe even longer. And in truth, I think part of the issue is that we refuse to acknowledge the intention behind what people are saying. There’s no room for error, no room to learn or grow, and that’s a major problem. I like leading with compassion and empathy and then moving into a space of inquiry and growth, and I wish more people did as well.

  9. I have a close friend who is really working hard to create connection between him and friends and bridge their political gap. He has lost friends in this effort, so instead of gaining deeper understanding of these people he cares for, he is losing them. It is quite sad all around.