Play, Exploration, and Updates on a Return to MN — 11 Comments

  1. Even though I have travelled to both the UK and Sweden, I love the funny and interesting discoveries you’ve mentioned! There were a few I didnt know about and a few that I did remember (which made me smile). Makes me want to go back!! Your EFT Certification sounds exciting too.

  2. Our family is considering a trip to one or more European countries, and this newsletter gave me so many ideas about which countries to visit. I love the little details you share, especially the ordinary traditions, routines, and customs of each culture or community. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hello Dawn, Thank you for sharing your adventures with us. You reminded me of my travels through Europe as a young adult. One story I tell my children is how surprised I was to find myself standing to use the toilet and among other experiences. Travel is such a gift!

  4. Several years ago I did the Passion Test Quiz to name my top 5 passions. I found that my #1 passion is to travel to other places and learn the culture of the places I traveled.

    YOU have taken this to a whole other level. I learned so much by reading this post!!

    Fascinating!!! Thanks for sharing the photos too since I’m a visual learner.


  5. I’m so glad! It was a fun one to write. I was feeling really playful that day. 🙂

  6. Thank you! I have visited quite a few others before I started blogging and would be happy to share if you contact me. 🙂

  7. I am in Norway right now writing a book, and I think it’s time to share my observations about this area as well. My EFT certification was so great. I love using it with myself and my clients. The progress people get often astounds both of us! So glad your memories were able to put a smile on your face today.

  8. Hi Dawn, Thanks for sharing your many adventures with us. I resonated with the spelling and enunciation comments a lot. I’m a wordsmith and I love language, spelling, grammar, all of it. The quarrel and squirrel comment made me laugh out loud. I have a friend from England and I notice when she says things like petrol instead of gas or torch for flashlight. I personally enjoy the nuances that show up in different languages. Even though we Americans and the Brits both speak english, there are those nuances.

  9. I love this post! I grew up in the middle east, and we often used in-ground toilets. Not my preference, but i suppose it is what it is. The spelling and enunciation – so spot on. I can rarely spell any words that have -paedics, like orthopaedics. Is it a before e or e before a? LOL Thanks for sharing all your observations!

  10. I haven’t seen another in-ground toilet, but I know they are supposed to be much better for the elimination process. That being said, I’d rather use what I’m used to!