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Dawn on The Passionate Life with Stephanie Zito podcase can be found here.

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Zoom Speaking Engagements

Here’s Dawn speaking at an Accelerated Global Connections event in April 2020.


We believe people want to feel connected to themselves, each other, and their communities.  We offer services and events that help individuals heal, create felt-trust, and overcome obstacles—both personally and professionally—so they can move forward with clarity, confidence, and joy. 


To have a positive impact on the quality of communication and contact in over a million lives.

About Dawn Bennett

Dawn Bennett

Dawn Bennett, Founder of Touch Remedies (formerly Body Healing Power), has a multitude of alternative and complementary health care practice certifications, in addition to her BA in Business and Complementary Medicine. She loves empowering individuals, small groups, and large audiences to embrace powerful new ways to transform themselves and their communities with her unique blend of empathy, humor, and just enough attitude to challenge social norms.  

Dawn’s Background

Dawn’s background as a Massage and CranioSacral Therapist, a homeopath, an Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner, and all-around learner of all things that can help individuals and communities heal, combined with her experience of speaking, teaching college-level massage for more than ten years, building an award-winning massage business from scratch, and traveling across the world, has inspired and equipped her to take a leadership role in addressing the touch crisis in our culture. Having grown up in an era when it was okay to give hugs to teachers and where warnings about touch were only about getting into trouble sexually, she then witnessed workplace cultures shift from acceptable to confusing, awkward, and even dangerous when it comes to touch. Dawn dove into the science of touch and began to see an important new factor in the frightening increases in anxiety, depression, and addiction that we are seeing in America.

Her first best-selling book on Touch

In her best-selling book, The Touch Crisis: Navigating the Tricky Terrain of Bringing Healthy Touch Back to Our Culture, Dawn openly shares her personal touch crisis and journey to healing to give readers a new pathway to personal and collective healing in their families, workplaces, and their communities.

Dawn is committed to leading the tough conversations and walking alongside those who want to join the healing touch revolution. She works with people individually, in groups, and in intimate retreat settings to mend their own histories and challenges, speak their needs, and acquire the tools they need to say “yes” and “no” and enjoy the real benefits of healthy touch in every arena of their lives.

Service Business of the Year

Dawn began, owned, and sold a business that won “Service Business of the Year” two years in a row.  She has hundreds of clients who, she is proud to say, have done their own deep work and restored their inner power and potential, have powerfully smashed physical and emotional symptoms and struggles, and who have found their own potential and voice in their work, relationships, and volunteer communities.

Playful + energetic + in-tune = Great speaker for your event.

Dawn has been called a “zen hummingbird” by one of her close friends for her propensity to be chill, introspective, and in-tune, and then suddenly embrace her inner child, explode with energy and movement and get an obnoxious amount of stuff done in a very short amount of time. Similarly, she brings this energy and presence to her retreats, classes, and speaking engagements. She loves to travel and enjoy the healing powers of nature. Above all she loves people dearly and is working on saying so more often.  Dawn has been speaking for years as a teacher and presenter. Therefore, she is great at customizing presentations for any audience.