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Family Dynamics are Complicated!

Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, nervous, anxious, or sad thinking about your family (and perhaps an event or the holidays)? Do you spend time thinking about the time you are supposed to spend (or not spend) with family? Is there conflict, expectations, and unwritten rules about how you need to engage with others?

Perhaps your stress is caused by the loss of a family member or the feeling you are not really included in the family unit. Perhaps you struggle about visiting (or not) extended family or in-laws. You have to consider a variety of aspects including: schedules, holiday child-custody, religious obligations, gift-giving, political conflicts, and health concerns.

?It all feels too much. You wish you could hide out and just tell everyone to go away.

Or instead you wish that you were excited, looking forward to time together, feeling like the other people honor and accept and love you no matter what. That you are accepted and welcomed.

In this four-week course you will learn how to:

  • Explore the source of the exact mechanisms that create stress for you (these are probably different and deeper than you think!)
  • Learn quick and easy techniques to neutralize emotional situations for yourself (even before they happen!)
  • Gain confidence and clarity around family dynamics and the role you play
  • Soothe the past hurts caused by family
  • Release a variety of feelings including overwhelm, anger, overwhelm, self-doubt, and anxiousness as they happen.
  • Overcome grief and loss when you feel “not part of” the family unit or acutely feel the loss of a member who has left.

Dawn Bennett has been helping people navigate stressful relationships for years. As a relationship coach and EFT Tapping Certified practitioner, she will guide you through deeper exploration of the underlying source of your own emotional triggers. You will learn how to recognize them as they happen and use techniques to change your reactions immediately; when you change, others around you often change as well.

Give yourself the gift of internal peace and calm. The techniques you will learn will have a positive impact on all areas of your life, as EFT tapping can be applied to any emotional situation.

This class is available for 2 months after purchase.  If you need longer, please contact Dawn.

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