Proper remedy selection is the most important part in homeopathic home care.  Selecting the wrong remedy will not cause damage and is not dangerous, but it can delay the progression of the healing process. Below are a few keys to choosing the proper remedy for an acute illness.

1.  Look for the remedy that most closely matches the symptoms. Usually the most important symptoms are how the individual feels mentally and emotionally. Consider what things make the individual feel better or worse. If you are differentiating between two remedies that are indicated by similar symptoms, consider the emotional state of the person. If you cannot decide based upon that, look at the symptom that is most severe, and choose from there.

2.  It is important to take only one remedy at a time. Taking multiple remedies can muddy the picture and delay healing.

3.  Wait for a clear picture before beginning a remedy. If the cough is mild and unremarkable, the mucus is clear and ordinary, and there is no clear mental or emotional state, then use other home treatments to start.

4.  If there is no response to the remedy after 24-48 hours, consider another remedy and/or seek help from a professional homeopath such as myself.

5.  STOP taking the remedy when the patient is 90-95% back to normal. (If symptoms begin getting worse again, the remedy can be resumed.)

Do you have questions about how often to take a remedy? See my article titled DOSING AND STRENGTH OF REMEDIES.

If you have any specific questions, need help selecting a remedy, or need to purchase a remedy, please call my personal line at 651-246-1209.

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