Many children suffer from occasional ear infections (A.K.A. Otitis Media). There are various manifestations of these infections that I would like to address in order to help you take charge of an ear infection and help your child heal without use of medications.

The rate of healing of an ear infection will depend on your child’s vitality (think energy and immune system responsiveness), history of infections, and depth of infection. Acute ear infections that come on quickly and include lots of pain also tend to clear quickly with the correct remedy. An ear infection that comes on after a cold, followed by congestion and achiness can take a bit longer, and will take even more time if it is your child’s second, third, fourth, (etc.) infection. These require a bit more time for the body to fully resolve the whole infection, including the cold. A third type of ear infection is what used to be called “Glue Ear.” This is when the fluid in the ear becomes very thick and sticky, interfering with hearing. I recommend scheduling a full consultation for the “Glue Ear” situation, as it will require more individualized treatment.

This week I will provide information about four remedies often used for ear infections. Next week I will discuss four others. Please be aware that these are not the only eight remedies that will work for ear infections, but they are the ones most often indicated.

Belladonna – Belladonna is indicated for severe ear pain that is usually throbbing in nature. The child may have flushed cheeks, dilated pupils, and sometimes a high fever. Even so, the child will usually have no thirst. Symptoms may be worse at night, may be caused from teething, and can be irritated by noise.

Ferrum Phos – Used for early stages of an earache before pus is formed. Less severe pain, fever, or intensity than when Belladonna is indicated. Give if Belladonna seems indicated but does not work. Child may be thirsty.

Aconite – Symptoms start suddenly after child has been chilled, or there is a sudden weather change from hot to cold. Symptoms of fear, anxiety, fever with sweating, and great thirst. Child may also have one pale cheek and one red cheek (like Chamomilla-see below).

Chamomilla – This is a remedy that is also used often in children for teething and illnesses. Child may be restless, oversensitive, and may scream with pain. When this remedy is indicated, the child may seem angry, temperamental, and demanding. Your child may ask for a toy or food, then push it away angrily. It’s as if all the child wants from you is to do everything you can to make them comfortable, but nothing helps. Ear or cheek may be red.

Other Helpful Solutions: Using warm oil in the infected ear can relieve pain while you are waiting for a remedy to act. I like using mullein oil, olive oil, or garlic oil for this soothing solution. Use a dropper to put a few drops in the affected ear.

For help on how to take remedies, see my article on HOW TO SELECT AND USE HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES. For information on dosing, see my article titled DOSING AND STRENGTH OF REMEDIES.

If you have any specific questions, need help selecting a remedy, or need to purchase a remedy, please call my personal line at 651-246-1209.

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