massage, earsIn Homeopathic Help for Ear Infections, Part I, I discussed types of ear infections and some of the remedies that can be used for them. This week I will include four other possible remedies.

Pulsatilla – This remedy is one of the most often used remedies in children in general—for ear infections, teething, and colds. It is indicated when the child wants affection and physical contact. The child may be very clingy and seeks attention in a soft and sweet way (Chamomilla is demanding, as mentioned last week—see the link above). The child may have yellow-green mucus. Pain may be worse in a warm room or at night. Symptoms are usually better when the child is moving slowly (being gently rocked or walking around.)

Hepar Sulph– This remedy is indicated when the symptoms come almost out of the blue. Typically, the child wakes between midnight and 2:00 A.M., screaming in pain with a sharp, severe earache. The intense pain creates intense screaming. Nothing relieves in the moment (unlike symptoms when Chamomilla is indicated, which can be a bit better if you are trying everything). This remedy is used often when there is tonsillitis with the ear infection.

Mercurius Solubilis– This remedy is used when the ear infection is associated with salivation, swollen glands, and smelly breath and discharges, due to the intensity of the infection in the body. Redness or pus may be present in the middle ear. The child may have enlarged glands or pus on tonsils (white or yellow coat on throat). The child can chill or get overheated easily, and it seems hard to regulate the child’s temperature.

Silica– This is used in later stages of an earache. Physical weakness and tiredness accompany the earache. This remedy is great for children who have repeated infections. They may have crackling or popping noises in the ear. You may also notice your child is not properly responding to noise because the ears are stopped up. Also, moving air creates pain.

For help on how to take remedies, see my article on HOW TO SELECT AND USE HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES. For information on dosing, see my article titled DOSING AND STRENGTH OF REMEDIES.

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