Class Overview: Family Dynamics are Complicated!

Are you already feeling stressed, overwhelmed, nervous, anxious, or sad thinking about the family get-togethers? Do you spend time thinking about the time you are supposed to spend (or not spend) with family? Is there conflict, expectations, and unwritten rules about how you need to engage with others?

Perhaps your stress is caused by the loss of a family member or the feeling you are not really included in the family unit. Perhaps you struggle about visiting (or not) extended family or in-laws. You have to consider a variety of aspects including: schedules, holiday child-custody, religious obligations, gift-giving, political conflicts, and health concerns.

In this four-week course you will learn how to:

  • Explore the source of the exact mechanisms that create stress for you (these are probably different and deeper than you think!)
  • Learn quick and easy techniques to neutralize emotional situations for yourself (even before they happen!)
  • Gain confidence and clarity around family dynamics and the role you play
  • Soothe the past hurts caused by family
  • Release a variety of feelings including overwhelm, anger, overwhelm, self-doubt, and anxiousness as they happen.
  • Overcome grief and loss when you feel “not part of” the family unit or acutely feel the loss of a member who has left.

These classes were recorded in November and December and have some emphasis on how to navigate family during the holidays.  However, these classes not only apply year round, but the ideas and applications can be applied to any relationship or interpersonal stressors in your life,  whether at work, with friends, or in your partnership.

Office Hours & Other Support

As part of this class, you have access to office hours with Dawn. What does that mean? About twice a month, Dawn will be online via zoom in a public format to answer questions for any of her program or class participants (this means you!) This is not a private session, and not a place for you to divulge confidential information, but instead is an opportunity for you to join a community over zoom, learn from other participant’s questions about EFT and tapping, as well as to ask your own questions. Sometimes there will be multiple people online, sometimes there will be only you. No appointment is necessary, and you don’t have to stay for the whole session (or join right on time.)

You can get help with Setup Statements, ask questions about a topic in class, get support if an issue feels too overwhelming or isn’t seeming to resolve, and so on. Bring any question that pops up about Emotional freedom techniques. You can access the calendar Here. To make sure Dawn gets through all questions, she may limit the time she spends with each individual. Be patient and curious, and she will get to your questions as fast as possible. The calendar is also visible at the bottom of this class page. Make sure it is showing in your time zone.

Class 1 Video

In class one you learn how to use the powerful tool of Emotional Freedom Techniques tapping. You learn how to structure and do tapping for yourself, and get to practice with a quick tap along. I ask you to start working with future potential events that could create stress for you and/or your family system.

Class 1 Audio

Class 2 Video

In class 2 we explore family roles and how they can be shifted by using Emotional Freedom Techniques tapping. We discuss cycles of belief and results, as well as how to navigate family expectations and obligations with grace and strength.

Class 2 Audio

Class 3 Video

In this EFT for Family Stress Class, we look at what OUR triggers, sensitivities, and beliefs are. How does what we learned before age 7 influence how we react to others? Can we also step back and have compassion and empathy for why others are acting the way they are? This class allows us to uncover what prevents us from having choice and calm in our reactions to others.

Class 3 Audio

Class 4 Video

In Class 4 we explore coping with change as well as the emotions of grief, loss, and loneliness. Grief comes from many life changes including death, relationship breaks, tradition changes, and being isolated.

Class 4 Audio

PDF of Tapping Points