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young nurse in a protective medical mask and hat and dressing gown prays against the backdrop of the American flag and asks God for help and strength in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic

Often, as front-line professionals, you have to make choices and witness things that are distressing and painful. I help you work with unresolved feelings around those situations such as grief, anger, and fear using EFT, also known as tapping.  I will teach you how to tap for yourself so you can learn to manage strong emotions when they arise and keep your mind and body in a place of calm so you have choice, confidence, and clarity.  Clients often report feeling more at peace and being able to let go of situations that have a strong emotional charge.  You will receive one 90-minute session in which I will teach you Basic EFT, and take you through a session to help you move through a stressful situation that is stuck in your mind. 

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Please make sure you fill out the intake form and email it to me at at least 24 hours before our appointment.  Some people prefer to print it and send me pictures, others fill it out directly.  You have the option to print either a Word or PDF document. 

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