Is It Over?  

Are you at the breaking point of your marriage?  You hear yourself saying, “I can’t take it anymore…something has to change.”  At the same time you’re thinking, “But I still love them” or “I should keep trying” or “I can’t just let go of this– I have so much time and effort and energy invested in it and them”… “Maybe they will change, maybe I should trust.” Or “I’d rather be together than alone.”

You may not have a choice; your wife or husband is insisting and there is nothing you can do.

Your brain rushes through various scenarios as you consider the future of your finances, family, and friends. Emotions are changing from moment to moment as you move through anger, sadness, fear, frustration, hope, shame, overwhelm, numbness, heartbreak, and loss. 

Find Emotional Freedom

All of the feelings you have are normal.  There’s support for this emotional upheaval.  No matter how fast your thoughts and emotions are changing, this process can be less stressful for you and your family.

If you are ready to feel:

  • calm, clear, and confident
  • assured about all the impacts of this process
  • hopeful for the future

scan the QR code for your complimentary one-hour session.  Dawn has over 23 years in the health and complimentary medicine field.  We will have a conversation about your current situation and stressors, where you would rather be, and how you can get there.