Whoever said we have to slow down as we age? While it’s true that many activities won’t be as easy as they once were, retirement is an exciting season of our lives, and physical activity can increase the fun.

Walkers' FeetThe key is healthy habits like eating right, staying active and getting plenty of exercise.

If you were once a jogger, maybe you’ll need to slow down to a walk. Golfing 18 holes may be reduced to 9. If you are recovering from surgery or illness, or if you become disabled, daily chair exercise is a good option. Gardening and even singing in a choir are helpful ideas for staying active.

Because retirement often includes travel, remember to avoid sitting for long periods of time in a train, plane or car. Frequent rest stops when driving to take a brief stroll can help you from becoming stiff and sore. Also, walking up and down the aisle periodically in a train or plane helps to keep swollen feet and legs at bay.

Whether traveling or staying home, you’ll find many benefits from an active lifestyle; increased energy and a healthy immune system mean that you’ll have more options for fun activities.

Are aches and pains keeping you from exercise? A gentle massage may be just the thing to help you getting up and around more easily. Or perhaps you have arthritis issues that slow you down and cause pain. Homeopathy may be a better answer. Body Healing Power will come to you for massage and homeopathy if you have problems with mobility. We also can perform any homeopathy services via skype or phone. And remember-at Body Healing Power, we help your body heal itself naturally.