In our busy daily lives it is easy to forget that we are living in our bodies. By bringing attention and awareness to our mind/body connection we can enhance our health. The experience of massage can bring awareness to your body, whether it is a gentle relaxing Swedish massage, or deeper work to relieve stiffness and tension that you may not have not have known that you were holding.

massage-backYou can take this body awareness with you as you return to your daily routine. Massage can help you maintain proper breathing, attain better posture, and improve ergonomics in your work situation. Your whole life can benefit from increased physical awareness.

Awareness of the mind is also very important. Our heads can be filled with the chatter of thoughts, worries, fears, anticipations, and regrets of the past or future. Meditation is simply being aware of the present moment, learning to let go of the chatter and, with practice, finding the stillness within.

5 Second Awareness Exercise: Ground….sound….. breath.

What does that mean? I was at a Feldenkrais retreat, and the instructor, Russel Delman, offered this up. When you notice you are stressed, tight, or anywhere that is not in your body, just feel the ground beneath you. This could mean the car seat you are on, your desk chair, the podium you are standing on before you give a big lecture. Then open your ears to the sounds around you. What do you notice? Then, take a large breath and allow all the tension to leave your body.

Researchers are beginning to study the connection between physical ailments and emotional state. Often, in homeopathic sessions, my clients begin to see how situations such as work stress, the loss of a loved one, or abuse from the past have gotten stuck in their mind and body and now cause physical symptoms. If you are ready to come to a new level of awareness and release those symptoms, schedule your homeopathic or massage session today. Remember, at Body Healing Power we help you heal yourself naturally.