champagneHow many times have you made a decision to do something for yourself? Maybe you were setting a workout schedule, giving yourself daily personal time, scheduling family vacations, or even just eating healthier. We start following through with excitement, passion, and resolve. Yet after a few weeks, months, or even days, we allow “life” to get in the way. Other issues seem more pressing, more important, and we decide to skip our commitment “just this once.” Months later, we wonder how we got off track and, perhaps, try to start all over again.

At Touch Remedies, we understand this phenomena, and encourage you to get back on track. One tip many professionals recommend is to reward yourself in a way that supports your goals. First, praise yourself for your progress! We often chastise ourselves for our perceived failures and forget to honor ourselves for each small thing we accomplish.

Second, set some rewards for achieving smaller goals-but without denying yourself things. For example, taking away an activity you love (like eating out for dinner or getting your nails done) and “rewarding” yourself by allowing that activity when you accomplish a goal can be a punishment more than a reward. Allow your rewards to be true celebrations and something that aligns with your values and goals overall.

Third, set larger rewards for following through longer term. For example, a massage, a spa day, a shopping spree, or that fancy dinner you have wanted for so long can be a great motivator. If you can, make an appointment for that reward, as if you have already accomplished it! This helps set your mind to a positive state and helps most people follow through more efficiently.

No matter how you choose to reward yourself or the people around you, remember: at Touch Remedies, you’re in the right hands to feel better.