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Is It Over? When to End or When To Continue Your Relationship

Do you wonder if your relationship still suits you? These 4 classes will give you Calm, Clarity, Confidence, and Choice to decide.Read More »

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Listen Here to Healthy Touch with Dawn Bennett on Lois Koffi’s Healthy N Wealthy N Wise Podcast

Dawn speaks about Resolving The Touch Crisis on Emily Kirkwold’s podcast, Wholly a Woman. Listen Here. Emily helps women through natural family planning and pharmacy services. Check out her amazing services here.

Listen here to Travis Sims from AGC interview Dawn about her Best-selling book The Touch Crisis

Watch Touch: An Entrepreneur’s Remedy at Accelerated Global Connections Minneapolis

Take a quick class on EFT with Dawn and Touch Remedies

Watch 10-minute conversations about a variety of interesting topics including: healthy touch conversations, isolation, cancer, physical distancing while networking, sensitive children and touch, textiles, healing, and so much more.

Does EFT Reduce Stress?

One study showed EFT tapping (a.k.a Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT) to decrease the stress hormone cortisol by 37%. When cortisol is lower, you are less in a fight and flight state. Thus, EFT tapping increased sigA antibodies 113% in the same study. EFT tapping research shows it can decrease anxiety by 40% and to increase happiness by 31%. 

How can EFT help me find peace and calm?

Emotional Freedom Techniques (a.k.a EFT or tapping) helps regulate the nervous system by calming the amygdala. The amygdala in the brain regulates emotions, emotional behavior, and motivation. Using tapping can help neutralize emotional triggers so you can approach situations with clarity, calm, courage, confidence, and choice.  

Emotional Freedom Techniques (a.k.a EFT or Tapping) Classes

Due to the high amount of people experiencing heightened emotions such as  fear and uncertainty around isolation, illness, finances, and the future, I am offering monthly online EFT classes.  Learn tapping for yourself! You can use EFT tapping to find happiness. More EFT tapping classes are being added all the time.  Please register via Eventbrite to receive login details

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